Taking aluminium to new horizons

Virtual Conference - 6-7 October 2021

Final presentation’s program

Moderator: Ivo Vermeeren
8.45 Congress platform goes online
Virtual exhibition is open
9.00 Opening: Official welcome address ESTAL President Ivo Vermeeren
ESTAL President
9.20 Greeting words by Key Sponsor and Opening of Coating session Franck Derouen
Axalta Coating Systems
9.30 Moderator introduces 1st speaker
9.35 Merce Berengueras
Axalta Coating Systems Update on latest market trends in architectural powder coatings Q&A
10.05 Moderator introduces 2nd speaker
10.10 Sencan Kizilkaya
Global Product Manager Architectural, Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings BV Remco Stokhof Regional Product Manager EMEA – Architectural, Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings BV Architectural Powder Coatings with added properties: Close look to Interpon D with improved performance Q&A
10.40 Moderator announces presentation of virtual exhibitors. Each exhibitor has 2 minutes time to present his stand
11.00 Virtual coffee break and exhibition visit
11.30 Moderator introduces 3rd speaker
11.35 Dr. Santiago J. Garcia
Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering Visualizing and quantifying surface processes with high space-temporal resolution during immersion Q&A
12.05 Moderator introduces 4th speaker
12.10 Jurgita Grigaliunaite
Euroimpianti SRL Powder coating plants Eurovertical 5.0 Q&A
12.40 Lunch break and visit of virtual exhibtion
Virtual exhibition remains open all day
Moderator: José Almeida
13.00 Congress platform re-opens
13.30 Moderator opens Anodizing Session and welcomes the Session Sponsor
13.40 Moderator introduces afternoon speaker no 1
13.45 Dr. Can Akyil
Politeknik-Coventya Resolving issues during pretreatment of high alloyed and secondary aluminium by principles of chemical machining Q&A
14.15 Moderator introduces afternoon speaker no 2
14.20 Elia Schaer
Alsan Latest advances in aluminium colouring: Anodizing gray Q&A
14.50 Moderator announces virtual break and invites participants to visit virtual exhibition
15.20 Moderator introduces afternoon speaker no 3
15.25 Raul Hernandez
Henkel Toxicity in chemical specialties for aluminium metal pretreatment, so dynamic and challenging Q&A
15.55 Moderator introduces afternoon speaker no 4
16.00 Egbert Stremmelaar
QUALANOD QUALANOD Colour measurement Q&A
16.35 Moderator introduces afternoon speaker no 5
16.40 Dr. Judy Runge
Apple Inc. Anodizing Basics for Aluminum Surfaces Q&A
17.15 Moderator closes the anodizing session
Exhibition remains open
Program Thurs. 7 October, DAY2: TOPICS OF GENERAL INTEREST
Moderator: Matthias Krämer
8.45 Congress platform goes online - Exhibition is open
9.00 Moderator welcomes delegates and opens General Session and virtual exhibition
Moderator introduces speaker no 1
9.10 Bob Lambrechts
European Aluminium The visible hand in trade Q&A
9.40 Moderator introduces speaker no 2
9.45 Dr. Terry Goodwin
ECCA (European Coil Coating Association) Lessons learned during the review of the BREF STS (Reference document on surface treatment using solvents) Q&A
10.15 Moderator introduces speaker no 3
10.20 Dr. Alexander Lutz
VUB Vrije Universiteit Brussel Will recycled aluminium cause coating issues? Q&A
10.50 Moderator announces virtual coffee break and invites congress participants to visit virtual exhibition
Moderator: Simon Meirsschaut
11.20 Moderator introduces speaker no 4
11.25 Prof. Herman Terryn
VUB Vrije Universiteit Brussel Prediction of Corrosion of Al making use of multiscale modelling Q&A
11.55 Moderator introduces speaker no 5
12.00 Prof. Dr. Andres Fabian Lasagni
Technische Universität Dresden An overview of laser-based functionalization of surfaces Q&A
12.30 Moderator introduces speaker no 6
12.35 Mr. Roberto Scazzola
European Commission - DG Grow Chemicals strategy for sustainability Q&A
13.05 Moderator introduces speaker no 7
13.10 Oliver Katschmareck
Chemetall Next level customer servicing #industry4.0 & green product solutions Q&A
13.40 Moderator closes the general session and gives the floor to ESTAL president
13.45 Closing words
Ivo Vermeeren ESTAL President
Exhibition remains open all day

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